Red River

Red River Member Materials

Dressage Rally Forms                                                                    Eventing Rally Forms

2020 Code of Conduct (If first rally of 2020)                                                                    2020 Code of Conduct (If first rally of 2020)

Dressage Intent to Qualify-2020 (If Qualifying)                                                                Eventing Intent to Qualify-2020 (If Qualifying)

Holly Hill Liability Release (All Participants)                                                                    Holly Hill Liability Release (All Participants)

Team Chaperone Form  (One per team)                                                                            Team Chaperone Form (One Per Team)

Coaching Form                                                                                                                  Coaching Form

Lungeing Form                                                                                                                  Lungeing Form


Jr. Competing on Sr Team Release (Parent/Guardian)                                                        Jr. Competing on Sr. Team Release (Parent/Guardian)







For more information, contact: Danielle Villines -  Regional Supervisor